At Monte Branco estate we have four houses with the traditional architecture of the region. When we found the houses, they were falling to pieces. The dream to have a little corner in the Alentejo brought 3 friends together, who soon found out that they couldn't do it alone.

Each one invited another friend, and step by step the project got up and running. In the good old Portuguese fashion, men and women each took on their own responsibilities. The men did the architecture project and the women the decoration. The original design of the houses was maintained and only some special touches were added here and there. The decorative objects and the furniture were the result of multiple visits to markets and local antique shops. Visit them, they are a finding!

What we would like now is for you to share our dream. So we offer rural tourism. You can rent a little house and have it just to yourself with total privacy, or enjoy the perk of breakfast taken to you in the morning.

You can join together with some friends and rent your holiday home. We've got houses with one, two and four bedrooms. If you have a lot of friends, or a big family, rent the whole estate!

All the houses have a door that gives off to the same "road", so it is easy to meet up with the others during the day, or even have the children together in the same house and them still being under their parents' "wing".


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