Chico's house is the biggest house in the estate. It extends from the left and from the right of the entrance and it is full of attractive architectonic details. The bedrooms are on the left hand side and in front, and the living areas are on the right hand side. The living-room is big with a family dining table and enormous wood burning fire and the kitchen is very quaint.

This house would be good for a large family. Parents, children and grandparents, three generations sharing a holiday home.

If it's Easter, you will have enough space to hide the eggs!

If it's not Easter, hide them anyway!




Three bedrooms with two separate beds and an en-suite bathroom

One bedroom with two separate beds

One common bathroom

It is possible to add an extra bed

Living room with a fireplace


Wood burning stove

House rental price not including breakfast (includes bedding and towels):

Normal season: 200 €

High season (July, August and holidays): 240 €

Extra bed: 15 €

Discounts in bookings of various nights and when booking the whole Estate. See price list.

If you wish to cook and need any utensils, please contact us. We have extra material stored in the big house. The houses do not have any food.


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