As pretty as the houses are, what stands out is the tall and imposing mountain in the background. It seems like the area is surrounded by green spaces, which is unexpected in the Alentejo.

Closer to hand is the oak grove, the orchard, which gives us the lovely fruit juices we have for breakfast and the vegetable garden, which offers vegetables that are both aromatic and flavoursome. In the neighbour's land you can see a vine that provides the wonderful regional wine.

Running and playing, ponies bring life to the Estate and joy to children and adults alike.

The swimming-pool, shed and barbecue grill invite you to long afternoons with friends or family. Serve yourself or order food, whichever you prefer!

The big house is a "multi function" space, which serves as a support to the other houses but which can also be rented for events.

On the way to the serra d' Ossa mountain there is a special corner: Doing justice to its fame of having a thousand fountains of pure water, the lake transmits peace, beauty and even some romanticism. Surrounded by the Mediterranean woods of the past but not touched by the eucalyptus trees that almost destroyed serra d' Ossa, these trees challenge our senses with their aroma, colour and sound. Sit down and stay there for a while.

The Monte Branco Estate will be your holiday home in the Alentejo whenever you want, your rural tourism when you have weekend getaways.

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