Located in the foothill of Serra d'Ossa, in the heart of Alentejo, Monte Branco is the ideal base to explore the charm of Vila Viçosa, the lunar type landscape of the marble quarries, the antique shops and the typical taverns of Borba and the fantastic ecotourism of Estremoz. The so called “white gold” is everywhere, from the counters in taverns to the walls of the highest tower in the region, which we invite you to go up and challenge vertigo, so that you can enjoy endless beautiful views.

Visit Estremoz, Borba and Vila Viçosa, all of which have unsurpassed beauty.

In a maximum radius of 60 kilometres you can find the most interesting villages and cities in the Alentejo: Alandroal, Terena, Redondo, Monsaraz, Évora, Evoramonte and Arraiolos.

All of them have their own routes, which should be checked out, but we have our favourite ones!




Linger in the garden opposite the fonte das Bicas – Bicas fountain and watch the locals playing card games and board games. Talk to them and feel the local hospitality.

Visit the famous Larga a Velha tavern, where you can try the wine that comes directly from the wine pitcher and the snacks that come with it, always in the company of the residents of Borba.

Spend a couple of hours courting the antiques of the various shops that have a little bit of everything.


In the regional museum discover the art of Mr. Rolo, beautiful pieces sculpted in Oleander wood.

Visit the shop of irmãs Flores, full of typical clay dolls painted in beautiful colours.

Follow on to Glória and stop at the magnificent Igreja de Nossa Senhora dos Mártires. – Church of Our Lady of Martyrs.

Visit the ecotourism of Monte Seis Reis – Six Kings Hill, João Portugal Ramos or the vinhos D. Maria / D.Maria wines.

On Saturday morning, don’t miss the market full of fresh produce and antiques. However, on the other days of the week there are always fixed stalls with aromatic vegetables, cheese, honey and herbs.

Go to the Formosa bakery and give in to temptation!


Get lost in the roads full of manor houses that give an aristocratic air to the whole village.

Visit the Palace, which is a Portuguese jewel.

Visit the Marble Museum and discover the secrets about the enormous quarries that can be seen everywhere in the region.

Have a coffee in an outdoor café in the square and taste the local tiborna (sweet bread).


Walk along the road full of flowers that goes through the village from the church until the castle. Look above and discover beautiful windows and verandas.

Take a sneak peek at the cemetery, full of worked marble.

Visit the Santuário da Boa Nova de Terena / Good News Sanctuary of Terena, a monument that all Portuguese should know.

Hop over to Alandroal and have lunch at Maria’s.


Visit Olaria Patalim/ Patalim Pottery House, in São Pedro do Corval: For €5 you can try to mould clay and paint a dish. If you would like to go back the following day, you can bring your pieces that have already been cooked. Speak to Nélia.

After this go to Monsaraz and have a refreshment in the first café on the right, which has spectacular views.

For a tasty and home-cooked lunch try the Lumumba. When the weather is good you can eat in the outdoor area, which has a fantastic view of the Alqueva.

If you like boat riding, you can go on a boat ride in the Alqueva and have lunch in the Marina da Amieira, which has spectacular views.

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