Taberna da Maria

Restaurant with home-cooked, traditional style food. Good prices. We recommend the spinach and bean soup. It is the restaurant that is closest to the Estate. Tavern type atmosphere.

Telephone number: (00351) 268 802 029/ (00351) 967 146 552 Contact person: Mrs. Maria Moura

Average price
: 12 € Closes: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at dinner-time. It opens for groups.

Os Gémeos

Os Gémeos is full of advantages. It is close to the estate. It has style – regional, simple but it has style. You can see that the person in charge is passionate about their job - they took special care to leave a mark. And the food?!? Hmm... try the scrambled eggs with asparagus, the parma type ham, the grilled fish or the pork loins. They’re all good. We recommended it.

Telephone number: (00351) 268 848 010 Contact person: Mr. Tobias Quintas

Average price: 15 € Closes: Monday



Tasca O Larga a Velha

Typical tavern with clay pots where homemade wine is produced. At the counter there are always locals chatting away with a glass of wine and a snack.

Telephone number: (00351) 268 894 780 Contact person: Mr. Fernando Proença




Tasca dos Esconjurados

Restaurant that looks like it is well taken care of, located in a building full of history. The owner knows all about the history and recovery of the building and he is an encyclopaedia. Ask him as it’s worth it. You don’t run the risk of him talking too much. He weighs what he says. Varied gastronomy with some modern touches, which is very welcome. Excellent game dishes and careful selection of base ingredients.

Telephone number: (00351) 268 989 530 Contact person: Manuel Camarinhas

Average price: 20 €/25 € Closes: Doesn’t close


Tasca dos Coelhos

Simple restaurant full of locals that go once and then go back due to the famous snacks. The house’s speciality is rabbit, but the steaks with coriander sauce are recommended, and putting yourself in the hands of the “chef” too!

Telephone number: (00351) 268 890 066 Contact person: Mr. Hernâni Cochicho

Average price: 10 €/12 € Closes: Doesn’t close




São Rosas

São Rosas is a very reputable restaurant. It’s there in the little blessed corner that it always has been and we just want it to stay there. Refined atmosphere, food that’s always scoring points, excellent meal guaranteed.

Telephone number: (00351) 268 333 345 Contact person: Margarida Cabaço

Average price: 30 € Closes: Monday


Cadeia quinhentista

The prison is located in a privileged building. Start with a drink at the bar, but take it with you to the fabulous terrace. Even in the cold winter nights it’s worth going up there to see the sunset. After this, go down into the prison and find out about the interesting history transpired by the walls, bars and the “secret” hole, below which we recommend you to sit from Spring onwards. Following an old tradition, you won’t know what you’re eating, but you’re sure to eat well. If that particular place is occupied, sit somewhere else and get lost in the menu. Leave room for the desserts, they’re worth it! Very slow service.

Telephone number: (00351) 268 323 400 Contact person: Sr. João Simões

Average price: 20 €/30 € Closes: Doesn’t close


Adega do Isaías

Estremoz has many institutions, and this is one. The Adega do Isaías has an informal atmosphere and the food is home-cooked and tasty. Decorated with wine pitchers, it is the ideal place to go with children if you don’t want to worry about the noise they make. Pork is the star, or we wouldn’t be in the Alentejo!

Telephone number: (00351) 268 332 318 Contact person: Mr. Isaías

Average price: 18 € Closes: Sundays



António dos Potes

Mr. António and his wife are all that you expect a couple from Alentejo running a tavern to be: When you first talk to them, they’re a bit suspicious and they don’t smile much. It seems like they’re doing us a favour by giving us something to eat. They get you a wooden stool, a table in a tight spot and some snacks. You talk to them a little bit and find out that they’re actually really sweet. Tell them a story and you’ll see them open up, in the typical hospitality of the people of this region. And eat. Eat a bit of everything. And complement the cooking, she loves it! And take a peek at the wine pitchers and the room on the other side of the road. The fried chicken makes you want to beg for more.

Telephone number: (00351) 268 840 145 Contact person: Mr. António

Closes: Tuesday


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